Flying Saucers

Alleged flying saucers in California(left) and Peru(right).

The large majority of UFO reports fall into two categories: Bright lights or flying discs. The photographs on this page are all of alleged UFOs. They were photographed around the world in California (North America), Peru (South America), Yugoslavia and Switzerland (Europe). Photos of saucers have also come from parts of Asia as well.

Why so many reports of UFOs share this characteristic is unknown, but it was not always so. During a surge of UFO reports from the mid-west in the late 1800's and early 1900's the ships were described as oblong or dirigible shaped. Skeptics claim the change in the appearance of UFOs, as our own technology has changed, suggests witness's observations may be greatly colored by what they have seen and what they expect to see. An indistinguishable shape in the sky may appear to be a disc if the observer thinks it might be a disc.

While live witnesses may have trouble with perception, cameras do not. It seems hard to explain these photos as anything but elaborate hoaxes or a truly unexplained phenomenon.


Sightings in Switzerland(left) and Yugoslavia (right).

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