Dinosaur Safari

Take a dinosaur safari through all of the Unnatural Museum's dinosaur related pages. Just work your way down this page taking each of the links to a different dinosaur stop.

Put on your hiking boots and make sure you tuck your red and blue glasses into your knapsack. There will be plenty of 3D pictures along the way!

We've heard of dinosaurs and seen them in books and films, but what are they? Oversized lizards? Click on our first stop to find out. What's a Dinosaur?

How were dinosaurs discovered and what did people think of them in the 19th century? Victorian Dinosaurs.

My favorite dinosaur is the Brontosaurus. Come come I never hear anything about him now? Whatever happened to the Brontosaurus?

So dinosaurs are reptiles, but they're also closely related to birds. Were they cold-blooded like reptiles or warm-blooded like birds? Or do scientists even know for sure? Dinosaur Metabolism.

The biggest, meanest dinosaur was T-Rex. Or was he? The Tyrannosaurus Page.

If dinosaurs ruled the land long ago, what ruled the seas? Reptiles of the Ancient Seas.

If they lived such a long time ago, how do we know anything about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures? What's a Fossil?

Why are all the dinosaurs fossils? Why aren't any still alive? Dinosaur Extinction.

In the movies they bring dinosaurs back to life using DNA. Is that possible? Dinosaur DNA.

Are there any stories that suggest a few dinosaurs might have survived till today? The Legend of the African Dinosaur.

Any stories about other ancient reptiles surviving? Flying Reptiles in Texas.

If no dinosaurs are alive today, how come we've seen them in the movies for years? Stop Motion Photography.

Did people ever think those dinosaurs in the movies were for real? Doyle's Trick.

Did Dinosaurs and Men Walk Together? The Paluxy Paradox

Who Came After the Dinosaurs? The Age of Giant Mammals

Of Mastodons, Mammoths and and Other Giants of the Pleistocene - After the Age of Dinosaurs there was an age of Giant Mammals. Are any of them still with us?

The Giant Sloth - These giants disappeared at least 10,000 ago - maybe.

The Zeuglodon - This was a real prehistoric creature, until some 19th century showman got a hold of it and made it into a sideshow sea serpent.

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