The tiny fishing trawler bounced and pitched in the choppy gray sea. The date: December 22, 1938.

Suddenly there was a commotion on deck. The skipper hurried back to see what was going on. He found his crew standing around a large, odd fish that lay flopping and snapping on the wooden planks. The skipper had never seen anything like it. It didn't look very edible so the crew was about to toss it back into the sea with the rest of the "trash" fish when the skipper halted them. The creature was so unusual that perhaps it would have another value...

He was right. The fish was called a coelacanth and when scientists on shore where able to view it they placed it in a subclass of the Crossopterygii, or "lobe-finned fish." The creature was well known to paleontologists, but no naturalist had ever expected to see the fish in the flesh since everyone thought the coelacanth had died out with the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period some sixty five million years ago.


Are there large, unknown creatures that survive today in remote lakes, or deep seas, or high mountain valleys? The coelacanth argues yes. If a species of fish can survive that long without being detected by man why not a sea serpent? Or a dinosaur? Or a primitive ape man?

Monsters of the Lake

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Unknown Creatures of the Land

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The Surgeon's Hoax - There have been countless hoaxes associated with the monster in Loch Ness. Find out how this one fooled people for more than half a century.

Unknown Creatures in Entertainment

Stop-Motion Photography - How did they made those dinosaurs and other monster move in old movies?

King Kong - The great-grandaddy of all giant monster movies.

Werewolf - This creature haunts our dreams through the power of books and movies, more than he haunts the woods.

Films with Cryptozoological Themes - Our big list of films with strange and unknown creatures.

Arthur Conan-Doyle's The Lost World - The tale of four explorers who stumble onto an isolated location in South America where dinosaurs still rule. Conan-Doyle's most well-known book adapted to the graphic novel format online. Or download The Lost World graphic novel as an Adobe PDF file appropriate for printing.

Cryptozoological Alumni

Coelacanth - It was supposed to have died out with the dinosaurs, until it was found alive and well in the 20th century.

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Komodo Dragon - It seems like a dinosaur that escaped the extinction or a dragon from a fairy tale, but instead it is true cryptozoological find.

Crypto Alumni - a list of large animals discovered in the last century.

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