Operation Vengeance - On April 18, 1943, 18 P-38 Lightning fighters took off to intercept a plane carrying Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Two years earlier the Admiral's plan to cripple the U.S. Navy at Pearl Harbor had killed 2,403 Americans and wounded 1,178 more. Now it was time to take revenge. It was emotionally satisfying move, but was it wise one? Full Story

Expansion of Universe vs. Speed of Light - I read "K-Pax IV," a fictional book, and an alien character suggested that light only travels because the universe is expanding. She suggests that light cannot exceed the speed of light because that's the speed of the expanding universe and if the light exceeds that speed then it's going out of the universe's bounds. Is this somewhat true or completely fictional? >Full Story - Have a question? Click here to send it to us.

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